Therapy Explained

“As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.” – Rumi

Couples Therapy • RLT Certified

No matter your issues, I am ready to support you in reaching your relationship goals.

Good or bad, relationships are some of the most meaningful experiences we have in life. It is worth investing time and energy into having the best versions of them we can have.
My passion for working with couples comes from my own journey of experiencing difficult relationships in childhood and then learning the power of healthy relationships in my adult life.

As a certified RLT (Relational Life Therapy) therapist I implement a combination of Attachment Theory and Terry Real’s RLT. My style is not to just sit back and listen to you. I am very interactive, direct and involved in the sessions. I will work with you to evaluate exactly what is keeping you stuck and outline steps for each of you to take in order to change. What I tell you might be difficult to hear at times, but it is necessary for you to make lasting changes in your life.

The brain is wired for relationships, and we learn things more easily when such growth is supported day in and day out by those we share our lives with. Couples work also has the added benefit of improving fun and reducing stress in the home environment, which pays huge dividends to all family members.


Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling is recommended for all couples considering committing to a shared life for the long-term. ‘Premarital’ may not be the best term, as not all couples define their commitment in terms of marriage, but the concept is the same: To receive support from an experienced third party in exploring issues that can affect the trajectory of your lives together. Good premarital counseling assesses any areas that could create friction moving forward, helps you develop the skills to prevent those problems from happening, and helps you in discussing matters that are likely to be important to your partnership. Premarital work helps couples develop greater awareness of their strengths and weaknesses, and provides guidance and resources to keep a relationship as strong and fun-loving as possible.

Couples are encouraged to sign up for three 50 min. counseling sessions to cover the foundational components of long-term relationship as well as any issues unique to your partnership. We will discuss areas in which the relationship is strong as well as areas that as a couple you might want to keep an eye on. Improving skills in certain areas may be recommended to avoid future problems and support good habits from the beginning of a life partnership.
I love doing premarital counseling and helping couples build healthy habits from the outset of their relationship. This type of counseling is especially important for young couples engaging in their first life-long relationship commitment.


When we are struggling in life, feeling stuck, hurt, confused, or alone, we all deserve a place to talk with someone who we know will not judge or shame us. Instead someone who will walk alongside us and guide us to create change, find purpose in suffering and restore our hope and strength.

I often say I am in the business of life editing. I want to help you live a more engaged life, a life you feel excited about… and that requires editing your life ruthlessly and often.

If you are interested in making the investment in yourself to begin therapy you might be wondering what kind of commitment this would be for you. I recommend a 10 minute phone call before setting up the first session so that you can have all of your questions answered and get a feel for how I am as a therapist. I am also available by email to answer any questions. If we decide to set up the first therapy appointment I will send you some paperwork to fill out and bring to the first session.

I believe in the innate healing power and resilience of people but also understand that at times it can be important to integrate medical consults and treatment with our counseling. While we generally advise lifestyle modifications first, I work with a psychiatrist, should medication be needed. Such collaboration and coordination between the medical and counseling aspects of treatment is invaluable and accelerates healing and growth.

I am honest and direct and do not shy away from conversations surrounding mental health issues. When appropriate, I believe in discussing mental health diagnoses and their effective treatment in a collaborative fashion with clients. Some issues, such as active addiction, eating disorders, and acute unresolved trauma can benefit greatly from the specific attention of topic specialists. Depending on the presenting issues and the treatment plan we develop together, I occasionally work in conjunction with or refer to specialists in certain areas in order to ensure the most effective care for each client. I believe in putting you and your needs, health, and optimum life first, and to support you in all the ways that I can.

Therapy is an investment in yourself. You have the potential to make a lot of progress.

Couples Intensive Therapy

Walk away with new skills you can immediately implement into your relationship! Is your relationship is on the brink of collapse? Do you need something to happen NOW? If so, consider doing a Couples Intensive.

My intensives consist of a thorough assessment of your relationship struggles, identify painful and dysfunctional ways you’ve been reacting to one another, and teach new skills to move you out of your knee-jerk response and into a more collaborative way of relating. Couples that decide to continue working with me post-intensive typically schedule 90-minute check-ins every 2-3 weeks for approximately 2-3 months. Couples that choose not to schedule with me post-intensive will be offered suggestions to maintain their progress and support their new relational journey beyond the Couples Intensive.

Please Note: Not every relationship is salvageable. After our time together, my hope is that you will have clarity about what to do next. I will do my very best to guide you toward relief and lay a path to relational health.

Couples Intensives can be booked for one day (4 hours of therapy) or two days (8 hours of therapy). Please email hello@staugustinecounseling.com for pricing.

Sex Therapy • PhD Student

I am a certified sex therapist in the State of Florida and a Sexology PhD student (estimated graduation date of October 2024). Sex therapy can help people enhance or restore their enjoyment of physical intimacy and pleasure. It may also help them get to the root of distress or confusion about their sexual feelings or behaviors. Therapy for sexual orientation should help people accept their sexuality and an affirming therapist will help that person process and come to terms with their feelings about sex.

It’s important to remember that healthy expression of sexuality comes in many forms. People with a non-normative sexuality or gender may feel alienated from society. These feelings may cause mental health issues that bring them to therapy. Other people may seek therapy for issues related to sexual intimacy. Worries about sexual issues can profoundly affect a person’s mood, thoughts, and well-being. Finding the right therapist can offer a person a safe place to share their fantasies, fears, memories, or desires about sexuality.

Inclusive Therapy

Finding a therapist shouldn’t feel like you are taking a risk. All people with all abilities in all bodies deserve equal access to identity affirming, culturally responsive care.

I honor full neurodiversity spectrum and advocate for mental health care for people with disabilities. Additionally, I cater to the needs of black, indigenous, people of color and the LGBTQ+ community. I will be the first to make a referral if I do not feel like I am the best fit for you, I am always willing to work to understand our differences, and I aim to responsibly admit when I am wrong or don’t have the answer.