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Here's what my clients have to say

“She was available to me even outside the scope of our appointments”

“I have spent most of my life not knowing how to love myself, not knowing how to properly stick up for myself in a healthy manner, and never knowing how to accept the pain that comes along with the above. I have been in and out of therapy appointments with different therapists trying to find that one that just clicked for me. One that spoke to me and not just listened or asked, “and how does that make you feel?”. When all I ever wanted was to yell, “obviously miserable, that’s why I’m here.” I needed someone to actually guide me through different techniques on how to save my sanity. Someone to hold me accountable for not completing those techniques but still begging for the… Read more ““She was available to me even outside the scope of our appointments””

“I leave every session with her feeling understood and empowered”

“Arielle feels like a close friend. Her consistent support and motivation remind me not only how far I’ve come, but also allow me to believe in how far I can go. My sessions with her are a bright spot in my week and I always feel like it’s me and her against any issue I have. I leave every session with her feeling understood and empowered. She has given me the space and tools to be participatory in my own healing journey and I am forever grateful for the role she fills in my life.”

“Forever grateful”

“Arielle has helped me tap into some places within myself that I wasn’t able to go into as child. I’ll never forget her words our first session. She said, “You protect your peace”. The tears began to fall. My mother was a functional drug addict. We didn’t go to school hungry or dirty. She kept a job. And she loved us with every ounce of her being. But being the oldest of 3. I really didn’t allow myself to have time to feel all that was happening. Arielle has taken my hand and helped me talk to that little girl. So this adult can feel better inside. And really know herself more. Thank you Arielle! Forever grateful.”

“She created a space where I could be present, authentic and vulnerable”

“I delayed going to therapy for years because I was so concerned about that first appointment–what will the therapist ask me? What will I say? How does this work? From the minute I met Arielle–and for the months after–she made me feel completely at ease in her presence. During our time together she created a space where I could be present, authentic and vulnerable. She provided me with tools to use on my own that, over time, empowered me to become the viewer of my feelings rather than the feelings themselves. We analyzed a lot of my thought patterns and dived into where they came from, which was really helpful in tweaking them. She listened without judgement and asked thought provoking questions at just the… Read more ““She created a space where I could be present, authentic and vulnerable””