“I have spent most of my life not knowing how to love myself, not knowing how to properly stick up for myself in a healthy manner, and never knowing how to accept the pain that comes along with the above. I have been in and out of therapy appointments with different therapists trying to find that one that just clicked for me. One that spoke to me and not just listened or asked, “and how does that make you feel?”. When all I ever wanted was to yell, “obviously miserable, that’s why I’m here.” I needed someone to actually guide me through different techniques on how to save my sanity. Someone to hold me accountable for not completing those techniques but still begging for the pain to go away…however knowing the difference when one technique just wasn’t for me and I needed something different. Ms Hobbs was just that. She was patient, she was kind to my feelings but knew when to be brutally honest to open my eyes to the reality I was facing. She gave me plans and coached me through each one when I was too naive or stubborn. She made me think outside the box and taught me not to give up when something wasn’t normal to me. She was available to me even outside the scope of our appointments to the best of her ability at times. I was comfortable there, I was at ease very early on, and it seemed naturally simple to open up to her, and when I needed to cry, she let me cry. When I needed to just breathe, she would walk me through breathing techniques and never rushed me through any overwhelming feeling. Through years of therapy for trauma, I had never found one to give me everything I needed to really help me grow as a person. Until now, and I am forever grateful for all of her guidance and knowledge. I have finally found ways to cope with my pain on my own. I am finally able to stop and tell myself what I need to do in that moment, instead of losing control or having a panic attack. My well-being is simply recovering and improving daily and I don’t believe I would have ever been able to succeed in this without Ms. Hobbs.”